Podcast #64 — Clint Bowyer knows how to celebrate

Show notes:

Recap: FireKeepers Casino 400

  • Clint Bowyer gets the win.
    • Bugga goes for two tires. Clint holds Harvick off for two laps.
    • Clint Bowyer tweet Monday:
    • End of Stage 1, NASCAR doesn’t open pit road.
      • NASCAR’s Richard Buck said this is not unusual
      • Audio (2:43) — Richard Buck explains stage protocol
    • Race was rain-delayed and rain shortened
      • What do we think of NASCAR’s calls this weekend on the rain?
      • Both days forecast said we wouldn’t race
      • Both races seemed rushed to try to get halfway.
      • Got both races in but barely.
      • Is it better to run a shortened race on the scheduled day or run the full race a day later?

Recap: Xfinity Series LTi Printing 250

  • Austin Dillon gets the win
  • Second week in a row with the new Aero package. What did we think?

News Items:

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  • Facebook @ TheSuperSpeedway

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