Podcast # 43 — Reviewing Days of Thunder

Show notes:

  • Days of Thunder
    • Synopsis of film
    • What are our memories of watching.
      • First Time?
      • James: Music – Hans Zimmer
        • Award winning from so many places
          • Lion King
          • Gladiator
          • Dark Night
    • Fun Factoids
      • Hendrick supplied cars and they raced!
        • Greg Sacks at Phoenix at Darlington 1989
        • Bobby Hamilton and Tommy Ellis drove unscored in the 1990 Daytona 500
        • City Chevrolet was a real dealership in Charlotte
      • Cole Trickle is based on Tim Richmond while Rowdy Burns is Dale Earnhardt
      • Kyle Petty’s Mello Yello exists because of Days of Thunder
      • Video Games!
        • NES Version
        • 2011 360/PS3
    • What the film got right about NASCAR
    • What it got Wrong
    • Favorite Scenes
    • Actors
      • Who is at the apex?
      • Who is awful?
      • Who is your favorite character
    • Favorite Moments
    • Favorite car in the movie
  • Christmas Stories
  • Shoutouts if any

Close show

  • Where can we be found on social media?
  • You can find me @Eric8199 on Twitter
  • James @jameskuch on Twitter
  • Facebook @ TheSuperSpeedway

For more of the podcast:

  • Website address: www.thesuperspeedway.com
  • Podcasts will be found on there as well.
  • Find us on iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud

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