Episode 4 — Kyle Larson gets career win no. 2

Show notes for episode 4:


  1. Entering the Larson Era?
    1. Guys like Logano perhaps beginning to look over their shoulders?
    2. Career built like a fire. Hard to start, slow burn, inferno?
    3. Last 7 races starting PX 2016 (3,2,12[While leading last lap],2,2,2,1)
  2. New blood here to stay?
    1. Larson, Elliott, Blaney
    2. Changing of the guard has begun. Did we expect this so soon?
    1. LaJoie – 18 Xfinity races, 2 Trucks, Needs to go down
      1. BK Racing has been involved in 10 of 23 cautions caused by crashes or mechanical issues so far this season according to Jayski — 43% of cautions
    2. Truex – Fast cars comment
  3. Overall quality of race
    1. Did California live up to HIGH expectations?
  4. Brad K.
    1. Nice turnaround after issues on lap 1
    2. AUDIO: Brad post race Fox interview

Other topics:

  1. Fox Broadcast is bad – Eric
    1. Commercials at the worst times
    2. DW and Mike Joy’s catch phrases (“Have you ever?” “No, I never.”)
    3. Talking about battles that aren’t happening on screen
  2. Drivers moonlighting in other series
    1. Kyle Larson running sprint cars
    2. Tony Stewart’s past issues due to other series
  3. Atlanta to delay repave until after 2018 season
    1. AUDIO: Blaney is happy with announcement.   

Preview Martinsville:

  1. Who do we expect to contend?
  2. Picks for the win?
    1. Erics’ Pick
    2. James’ Pick

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