Episode 3 — Hello Newman!

Episode 3 Show Notes:


  1. NEWMAN!
  2. Stage Racing 
  3. Larson! 
  4. Kyle Busch — Who does he hate more right now, Goodyear or Joey Logano?
    1. Eric loves the cheekiness
  1. Xfinity race

-Did not having the cup regulars make a difference? Is this something that should extend further?
-Austin Dillon incident – Should he be penalized? Is this was Steve O’Donnell was talking about that drivers shouldn’t do last week?  

Other Topics:
-Keselowski Penalty – We should know more about this soon.
-Possible 40 pt penalty and up to 3 race suspension for Paul Woulfe
-Plates at IMS – Bring back ORP?
-IMS said recently wouldn’t be opposed at considering the road course as well. What do we think about the road courses being used at some of these ovals?

-Preview Auto Club Speedway


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