The SuperSpeedway Podcast Episode 1

Our first episode of The SuperSpeedway Podcast is live. In this episode we discuss the changes in the 2017 season and make our picks for the 2017 championship. Enjoy, and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play or Soundcloud.

Show Notes for Episode 1:

-Introduction and racing background.


-What to expect going forward.


-2017 Nascar season

-Stage Racing — We’ve seen it a couple times. What do we think?

Article on confusion issue:

-What about the rest of the 2017 changes? Opinions?

-Vegas second race

-Quiet cars

-Kurt Busch vs Kyle Busch Career Debate? Who’s Better?

-Championship predictions:

-2017 Champion

-2017 Championship upset — What will be the big upset? Who gets in that isn’t expected? Who doesn’t make it that should?

-2017 Underdog?



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