Podcast #48 — Dillon is a Daytona 500 Champion

Show notes:

Recap Daytona 500:

  • Austin Dillon gets the win
    • Austin’s second win. Does this make him a legit winner yet? Or no?
    • Does this win mean anything in the grand scheme of things (championship?)
    • The winning move — just racing or dirty?
      • Audio 0:42 — Austin Responds to Winning Move
    • Win comes on the 20th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt’s win in 1998, and there were some similarities here, including how Austin celebrated after the win, and a lucky penny that happened to be in the car.
      • Audio 1:46 — Austin – similarities to 98
  • Bubba Wallace gets second
    • Seems like he picked up a TON of fans
    • Audio 4:20 — Emotional in post-race press conference
    • Everyone is high on him right now, but like Austin, does this finish mean anything?
  • Denny Hamlin making more enemies
  • Danica Patrick crashes out. Nascar career is over.
  • How was the race overall?

Preview: Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 @ Atlanta Motor Speedway

  • Expectations?
  • Only 36 cars entered in the event
  • First real test for the new Chevrolet
    • Also will indicate where Ford is at this season
  • Picks
    • Eric: Kevin Harvick
    • James: Kyle Larson
  • Dark Horse:
    • James: Erik Jones
    • Eric: Austin Dillon
  • Shoutouts if any
    • Plug the fantasy league

Close show

  • Where can we be found on social media?
  • You can find me @TSuperSpeedway on Twitter
  • James @jameskuch on Twitter
  • Facebook @ TheSuperSpeedway

For more of the podcast:

  • Website address: www.thesuperspeedway.com
  • Podcasts will be found on there as well.
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