Episode 6 — Jimmie Johnson is back on top

Episode 6 Show Notes:


-Jimmie Johnson wins.

-Obviously we can’t count them out

-Gluck made a great point — stop doing this. NEVER should we count them out until they retire.

-Last week Eric asked if we there was any concern. New question: Is Jimmie now the favorite?


-How was the race?

-Did the repave become a typical repave race, or did the work they did hold up?

-Repave used Lime for aging? https://twitter.com/Noble_Jim/status/850334280131776512

-AUDIO (1:26): O’Donnell Applauds Texas on repave


-Big losers on the day:

-Winners on the day:

-Larson with another second

-AUDIO (0:59): Question to Larson – could he have caught Jimmie at the end?

-Other winners?


Other topics:

-Johnson –

-Audio (0:27): Johnson needed to go to care center after race

-Exhausted – Not an Athlete?

-Jr – Upset at team Penske for hard shiting and swerving after race

-Cautions too long between stages: Should yellow flag laps count?

-AUDIO: O’Donnell (0:25): NASCAR considering options in stage caution laps

-Qualifying: Why can’t NASCAR figure this out?

-Do we even need qualifying anymore?

-New All-Star Format

-Soft vs Regular Tires



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